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• An overview of the myriad of federal laws and regulations related to ICE and immigration laws, including your property rights

• Common definitions such as “Probable Cause,” “Detention,” “Border Search” and “Roving Patrol” and the general authority of ICE officers and their authority to conduct searches

• Permissible conduct by an ICE/CBP Officer... Details
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• Learn how the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations affect you

• Discover the vehicle equipment standards that apply to your vehicles

• This fourth edition of our most popular guide includes updated regulations on cell phones, texting, SMV symbols, convex mirrors, lights and reflectors any many more things important to our members
... Details
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• Learn major laws affecting agricultural employers

• Discover new regulations regarding FMLA, COBRA, etc. for farms with 15 or more employees

• Learn about your responsibilities to employees regarding safety and housing standards

• Offered at a cost of $40.00 per copy for members and $75.00 per copy for non-members
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Order all 3 Books and Save! Member Price is $85 ($90 if sold separately) and the Non Member Price is $195 ($205 if sold separately)
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